Top Tips for Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Saying “We went fly fishing in Patagonia!” never gets old.  If you think you can take your eyes off the breathtaking scenery long enough to learn the craft or perfect your casting technique then we’ve got all the information you need to get you started. Read on to learn more about the prime spots in Patagonia, the ideal time of year and ultimately how to best experience the lakelands.  In short order we’ll have you placing your fly in just the right seam with as close to a drag free drift as you can muster.

Where To Go
Situated on the shore of the clear, glacial lake Nahuel Huapi, the laid back city of Bariloche should be your first stop of your Northern Patagonia fly fishing trip.  It’s a short 2 hour flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, the heartland of  the Lake District -often referred to as the Switzerland of Argentina.  The legendary lake Nahuel Huapi is the largest and deepest lake in Argentina’s charming lakelands.  Drawing fishing enthusiasts from all over the world, the shimmering lakes and rivers of Nahuel Huapi National Park  provide access to prime fly fishing spots. In fact, the cold and oxygen dense waters are the perfect habitat for trout. The rainbow and brown trout found in Manso and Limay River thrive, growing up to 10-15 kg in the fresh, unpolluted waters. Check out our: Explore the Manso and Limay With Our 4 Day Package.

When To Go
The fishing season starts late October and continues into mid April; with its peak, Patagonia’s warmest months, running from November to March.  The “best time to go” is albeit somewhat subjective. At the beginning of the season, the spring melt increases the river volume and the flowers begin to bloom against the backdrop of the Andes.  The crowds mostly haven’t arrived and competition for the hungry fish is nonexistent. During the summer, the conditions are prime for dry fly fishing and easier wading.  This time of year, many make it their goal to catch the spawning run of big browns in March.  This is also the perfect time to enjoy a beer in the summer sun as you float leisurely down the river gazing out at the idyllic alpine landscape.  Book quickly if you are planning to visit from December to Mid-March as this is the most popular season.  Towards the end of the season the trout are beginning to feed voraciously in preparation for the winter and this is when the biggest catches are made.  From Mid-March to April, Patagonia begins to turn auburn in its autumnal transformation and anglers on the rivers at this time will once again have the riffles and rapds to themselves.  

A ‘Tight Line’ As a Trout is Reeled In

What To Bring
The outfit is all inclusive -providing everything you may or may not need on this catch-and-release outing.  We will take care of fishing permits and gear (including rods, reels, flies, artificial bait, waders, or boots) or feel free to bring your own gear as well. If you’re new to fly fishing dont worry as our friendly guides and ‘keepers of the river’ are patient teachers and no previous fly fishing knowledge is requisite. Casting lessons and careful tutelage of the river is given by our guides in fluent English. We guarantee top notch professionals with a relentless work ethic and a high standard of care. Feel free to inquire about Argentine culture as their local knowledge is both insightful and well articulated.  More advanced anglers will also enjoy a light education on hatches, reading the water, trout behavior and different flies.  Don’t be surprised if your trip ends in the biggest catch on a dry fly of your life.  

Accommodation Type
The best way to experience fly fishing in the Lake District is by far by taking an Overnight Float Trip.  Fly fish by day, and enjoy a luxury campsite along the same calm, glacier fed river by night.  The waterfront property’s facilities include hot showers, hot tubs, barbecues and alcohol -taking glamping to a whole new level.  The pristine landscape and crystal clear waters of Manso river make for a perfect location.  Common items on the camp menu include steak and Argentine wine from local Andean vineyards for dinner.  We happily cater to vegetarian or other diet restrictions with advance notice.  With the campsite’s strategic position on the river, it’s easily accessible for lunchtime stops unless it would be preferred to stop and eat on one of the lake’s islands.

View Over San Carlos De Bariloche, Argentina

If you’ve already heard of the azure blue lakes and rivers of Patagonia’s Lake district then you probably know they are both famous and favorable for fly fishing.  Share the water with us on a drift boat for the trip of a lifetime.  Enjoy the mellow and laid back river vibes among some of the most scenic views in all of Patagonia with one of our 4, 5, or 6 day packages. Surely this relaxing venture will be the highlight of your trip to South America. Tight lines!